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Last changed: 2020-12-23

This is Clive Feather's home page.

It isn't about work, but about my personal interests.

Since I'm a busy man, I don't have a lot of time to work on this page, and it isn't the best example of design in the world. However, here are some links to things I've done.

I've written a book! This is my first book, published in October 2020 by Crowood Press. This page is not an electronic copy of the book that you can read for free; if you want the book, you'll have to buy it. Rather, it contains some details of why and how the book was written, various things that I didn't have space to put in the book or were too detailed for the expected reader, a piece I wrote for Modern Railways, and - regrettably - errata.

Clive's UndergrounD Line Guides - a line-by-line guide to the features and history of London's Underground. As well as being the oldest such system in the world, the Underground remains one of the largest and most complex.

More railway material, including links to other sites. This isn't a trainspotters' site. My main interests are in signalling and safety, and this bias is reflected in the contents of the pages.

Information about the Psion Series 3, 3a, and 3c pocket computers, including The Psionics Files, which provide detailed information for those wanting to do more programming than the OPL manual explains. These pages are no longer being maintained and are retained for historical interest only.

C - the language and the Standard. For many years I was a member of the UK panel on C, and took an active part in the development of the 1999 C Standard ("C99"). To this end, I made a number of proposals and wrote a number of other papers.

Telephones - information about telephones, telephone numbers, and call charging.

Presentations that I have given.

Notes from a meeting at the Home Office on 1996-01-19 to discuss the issues of regulating "adult material" on the Internet. While the meeting itself reached little or no conclusions, it was the start of quite a lot of activity culminating in the formation of the Internet Watch Foundation.

My LL.M. essays - the essays and dissertation I wrote between 2007 and 2009 while taking an LL.M. at the University of Edinburgh.

Legal issues, such as the interception of email.

The Romans and some oddities about them, such as a catalogue of the legions.

Science and Mathematics; a collection of random articles about things.

Nominet and me - Nominet runs the .uk domain space and I had various bits of involvement with it.

Miscellanea that don't deserve their own headings. For example, there is a description of the rules for Easter, where they came from, and how to calculate the correct date.


Email from me tends to come from a number of places due to the complexity of my networking arrangements. However, the best place to send mail to me is my home address <>.

My PGP public key block is available. The key can also be found on various public servers, with ID 0xD3159AE1 and fingerprint 07B0 C6FB 06EC 7DA8 549C 8609 BCED 4CD4.

A declaration of interests.

And finally there are at least three pages about me. Just click on the pictures:

(biography on the ICRA site)
(page by Jutta Degener)
(page by Mike Bristow)

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