Declaration of Interests

Last changed: 2020-02-22

Some time ago I was asked to provide a declaration of those organisations which I have an interest in, in the sense that there is a potential "conflict of interest" situation. I thought it might be better to provide the data once and for all on a web page rather than keep emailing people with changes.

This data is maintained by myself. I attempt to keep it up to date, but will not guarantee that it is correct or complete under all circumstances.


I am currently employed by Samsung Cambridge Solution Centre Limited (company number 08226456).


An asterisk following the company number indicates a Company Limited by Guarantee.




I own 20% of the issued share capital of Somerhill Leisure Limited. With that exception, I do not own more than 1% of the issued share capital of any company or control 1% or more of the voting rights of any company. From time to time I have shareholdings in publicly listed companies, or membership of mutual bodies such as insurance companies, below this limit.

Specialist areas

The following might be considered interests for the purposes of some bodies though they are probably not of interest to most people.

Domain names

My personal domain name is I have no personal interests in or holdings of other domain names.


I am the senior developer of SimSig, a product of Cajon Rail LLC, (California company 201202410099).

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