Track bash July 2021


Last updated 2021-11-14

My wife gave me a 7-day All Lines rail pass as a present. After a lot of planning, I came up with an itinerary. These pages list the journeys I made plus some notes about happenings.

I decided that I would try to travel along as many of the rail lines as possible that I hadn't used before. Of course, a lot of these were dead-end branches that I then had to backtrack along.

These journeys took place on 25th July to 31st July inclusive. So that I wasn't paying a fortune, I booked accomodation in advance. That meant each day had to end at the right place, no matter where I went during the day and how well it fitted my plans.

Each page contains two tables: a "trains" table and a "route" table. The trains table lists the trains used that day, giving sequence number, headcode, train number, and start and end points of my journey on that train. Each location gives CRS code (now RARS2 code), station name, and three times: public timetable, working timetable, and actual time. The route table gives, for each route segment, the train, ELR code, start and end chainages, length of the segment, total distance travelled so far, distance travelled on "new" segments so far, and whether it is a "new" segment (track I haven't travelled on before). For the purposes of this table, I started a new segment when:

All chainages and distances are shown as miles.chains, so "8.26" means 8 miles and 26 chains (8.325 miles) and not 8.26 miles.

Day 1 (Sunday) Huntingdon to Milford Haven
Day 2 (Monday) Pembroke Dock to Cardiff Central
Day 3 (Tuesday) Cardiff Central to Pwllheli
Day 4 (Wednesday) Pwllheli to Kilmarnock
Day 5 (Thursday) Kilmarnock to Balloch
Day 6 (Friday) Balloch to Caldercruix
Day 7 (Saturday) Caldercruix to Huntingdon

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