Angel station

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Until 1992 Angel station consisted of a narrow island platform with tracks on either side. Since this was clearly unsuitable to modern-day working, the northbound track was diverted into a brand new platform tunnel and the old tunnel abandoned. Here we can see it extending southwards (this was the section for trains arriving at the station), with most of the rails still in situ.

This unused track was, at one time, the testbed for new types of conductor rail. It is possible that we are seeing aluminium conductor rail on a new type of support.

Angel was once the northern terminus of the City & South London Railway (one of the precursors of the Northern Line). As well as the running tunnels, it boasted a siding tunnel that trains could reverse in or could sit out of the way of the service. We see this latter tunnel on the right, with the photo being taken from the junction chamber just outside the station.

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