My WG14 papers

I have presented the following papers to WG14.

Where the description of a paper says a change has been made or will be made to C9X and there is no separate link to a description of the changes, either the paper's proposals were accepted unaltered or the copy of the paper includes notes on the final changes.

N503 UK004a Mixing Declarations and Code Replaced by N712
N504 UK005a Minor alterations to type descriptions Replaced by N655
N505 UK008a Make qualifiers idempotent Change made to C9X
N506 UK009a Assorted changes for variable argument handling Part dropped, rest replaced by N592
N578 UK006b Restructuring of 6.1 and 6.2 Replaced by N672
N579 UK007b Phases of Translation Replaced by N673
N580 UK010b Varargs for Function-like macros Dropped in favour of N581
N581 Alternative syntax for N580 Replaced by N707
N582 UK013a size_t and ptrdiff_t, Version 1 Replaced by N708
N583 UK014a size_t and ptrdiff_t, Version 2 Replaced by N708
N589 Extended characters in C9X Absorbed into N605 (Frank Farance)
N592 Introduction of a va_list copying function Replaced by N671
N655 N504 and N643 Change made to C9X
N668 Proposal for an 'm' conversion specifier Rejected by WG14
N669 Comments on N641 and an outline proposal for
secondary integral types
Absorbed into N698 (Randy Myers / Doug Gwyn)
N671 va_copy proposal Change made to C9X
N672 Reorder sections 6.1 and 6.2 (N578) Change made to C9X
N673 N579 points 3 and 5, re-presented Changes made to C9X
N675 Proposed changes related to DRs 77, 143, 144, 146, 147, and 149 Changes made to C9X, except DR 143 which is replaced by N729
N676 General wording issues (clauses 1 to 6) Replaced by N739
N677 Locales and conformance Withdrawn after discussion by WG14
N689 General wording issues (clause 7) Replaced by N735
N691 Representation of values Changes made to C9X
N707 Varargs for function-like macros Changes made to C9X
N708 Issues with size_t and ptrdiff_t Dropped; no interest within WG14
N712 Mixing Declarations and Code Replaced by N740
N720 Issues related to DRs 060 to 178 Replaced by N773, N774, and N783
N721 Unary * operator - a fix Changes made to C9X
N722 Removing implicit int - further lacunae Changes made to C9X
N723 Changes to shift operators Changes made to C9X
N724 Minor alteration to representations of types Changes made to C9X
N725 Simplified integer conversion rules Changes made to C9X
N729 Mode strings in fopen() Changes made to C9X
N730 Cleanup of aggregate initialization Replaced by N782
N732 The meaning of "implementation-defined" Replaced by N790
N733 New formats for strftime() Changes made to C9X
N735 General wording issues (clause 7) Various decisions; relevant changes made to C9X;
remaining parts replaced by N773, N774, and N783
N739 General wording issues (clauses 1 to 6) Various decisions; some changes made to C9X;
remaining parts replaced by N773, N774, and N783
N740 Mixing declarations and code Changes made to C9X
N759 Minor issue with Compound Literals Changes made to C9X
N764 Issues about time Amended by N781;
partly replaced by N793;
Changes made to C9X
N765 Issues with representation of values Changes made to C9X
N773 Consistency and clarification changes Some parts accepted; changes made to C9X
N774 Assorted minor substantive issues Some parts accepted; changes made to C9X
N775 Relationships between unsigned types Changes made to C9X
N781 Correction to N764 (issues about time) Adopted; see N764 for details
N782 Cleanup of aggregate initialization Changes made to C9X
N783 Significant outstanding issues Some parts accepted; changes made to C9X; some parts remain outstanding and were resubmitted as public comments
N784 Additional flexibility for inlining implementations No action taken; no consensus reached at Menlo Park
N785 Meaning of "definition" Changes made to C9X
N789 Changes to signal handling Adopted, but sent to editorial committee to make a final decision as to whether the _exit function should be included, reworded, or omitted.
N790 The meaning of "implementation-defined" Changes made to C9X
N791 Solving the struct hack problem Changes made to C9X
N793 New time functions Changes made to C9X
N820 Splitting Annex G Rejected by WG14
N822 Formal Model of Sequence Points Change made to C9X, but made informative not normative
N847 Issues with CD2 Discussed at Santa Cruz, resolution to be written up
N851 Changes to <inttypes.h> and <stdint.h> Change made to C9X with minor editorial differences
N853 Conformance issues Rejected by WG14
N861 Issues with CD2 (FCD1) Absorbed into UK comments on FCD1
N883 UK issues with the FDIS Adopted as Defect Reports
N892 4 UK issues on the FDIS 9899 Complex - to be written up
N898 mb_state Adopted as DR212
N899 NP for formal semantics of expressions Approved as a new work item
N900 Lacuna in mbrtowc Adopted as DR213, will be in TC1
N901 Lacuna in pointer arithmetic Rejected by WG14, resubmitted to UK C Panel
N908 A formal model of sequence points and related issues For discussion at the Tokyo meeting
N925 A formal model of sequence points and related issues For discussion at the Toronto meeting
N951 String literals and concatenation For discussion at the Redmond meeting

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