Escalators at Westminster


This rather gloomy photo fails to do full justice to the amazing tangle of escalators, concrete pillars, and steel beams that make up the station box at Westminster.

This picture is taken from the lowest level - the westbound Jubilee Line. A pair of escalators run up to serve the eastbound platform directly above, from where a set of three (their undersides just visible at the top of the photo to the left of the central vertical beam, and their side visible to its right) continue up to an intermediate level, from which two more pairs ascend to the District/Circle Line platforms (one pair for each direction). Meanwhile, back at the bottom level, a separate pair of escalators - their sides visible in the distance - also connect the westbound and eastbound platforms. A second set of three, directly above the photographer, then continue up to a small platform, after which a right-angle turn takes passengers to a third set of three that completes their journey to the ticket hall.

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