Links to interesting places.

These are some of the places I have discovered, and decided it is worth keeping a link to.

I'm way behind in keeping this up to date, so don't be surprised at what you do and don't find.

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General information sources

Search engines

These are the commonest way of searching the Web. There are loads of them:

Other sources

Webster's Dictionary might not be Morocco-bound, but it's on the Web.


These are search engines to find people or companies by name, address, or email.

Who Where?
Finds email addresses given a name. Has some 18 entries for me, most of which seem to be wrong in some way.
UK Yellow Pages
Exactly the same as the paper book, except that the graphics are awful.
American Directory Assistance
Finds the real addresses of people and businesses in the USA.

Other things that you might describe as directories:


(Actual graphics, not information about them)

Site's covering the UK include Streetmap, Multi Media Mapping, and Where 2B, though all seem to use the same database. Mapquest claim to cover the world, though at varying scales, as do Mapblast.

Older and simpler is Xerox PARC's map of the world, which only shows rivers and borders, but can be expanded from the whole globe to any scale.

Historical maps of London are available for 1827, 1859, and 1889, while you can now see the first edition Ordnance Survey maps.

I've just come across the Online Map Creation site that lets you create your own maps. Some of the raw data comes from NOAA data.

Not quite maps, but the Terraserver has satellite photgraphs of lots of places.

Specialised information sources

HMSO is now publishing all new Acts of Parliament on the WWW as they are published. This is a great step forward; now they need to put all the existing ones on. Similarly, most Canadian Federal laws are available, as are many provincial ones.

Looking for a flag ? Try Flags of the World.

IBM has a US Patent Index; while not complete, there is enough there to be useful.

Those little boxes hanging over motorways are the TrafficMaster system for locating and avoiding traffic jams in southeast England. You can see what's happening, but only if you have Shockwave. There's a similar one for Los Angeles that uses normal images.

One airport making good use of the web is Schiphol (Amsterdam), which even has an on-line flight information area. There is also a flight path display engine. More generally, you can determine distances around the world. is a search engine for free software.

I play bridge (not that well). The Laws of duplicate bridge are now on the WWW - the commentary only applies to "the western hemisphere". Also see the original rules of Biritch, or Russian Whist.

MedLine is an index to articles in medical publications. Meanwhile, Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable is useful for minding your Ps and Qs.

Learn more than you ever wanted to about nuclear weapons.

Links to images and graphics are elsewhere on this page.


There are a number of on-line collections of books. CMU has a large index. There's also an Internet Public Library.


Don Knuth
Author of The Art of Computer Programming



Well, I think this stuff's funny.

Roadkills-R-Us is a new concept in cuisine. See the famous Payment Schedule.

Harking back to my college days: CUSFS.

Remember the RoadRunner cartoons ? Well, now read the opening statements in Coyote v. Acme.

Comic strips

Dilbert is the programmers' cartoon. A relatively new strip which I'm enjoying is Helen.

See all around the world

There are quite a lot of cameras around the world, just pointing at things and making the views available to the WWW. Here's a sample:

and here are some camera index pages:

Hypertext about hypertext

The definition of HTML

HTML 2.0 is defined by RFC 1866, but it's easier to look at this version in hypertext. An alternative is the HTML elements list, which gives easy cross-referencing, or this Quick Reference.


Jutta Degener thinks she knows what is good hypertext writing; if you disagree, you can still follow the related material link. Meanwhile, a good way to check your hypertext is the WebTechs Validation Service (shame about the awful backgrounds), or Weblint it.


There is a collection of images at City University.

There's a lot of sex on the Web

An awful lot, in fact. I'm not going to bother listing sites full of pictures, often bad, but a number of places have libraries of erotica: Apple & Worm is the only one I've listed so far.

Nearly all my old links are gone, so there isn't much to talk about right now. However, one serious attempt to educate is the Safer Sex site.

Conspiracies are everywhere

What would life be like without a conspiracy ? I could tell you about the 50 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time, but then I'd have to kill you. Of course, if you delve too far into these matters, you could end up a Prisoner.

Urban Legends

Closely related to conspiracy theories, ULs are the mythology of our time. The definitive information is at the AFU site and snopes's own site.

Euromyths are Urban Legends about the European Union and Commission. Some, like carrots being fruit, are even true.

The Darwin Awards are not ULs, and should not include them. They're fun as well, though. Also not quite ULs, but this Useless Information page is full of interesting useless information.

Space and Astronomy

Planetary Astronomy

Here's a good reference guide to the nine planets. Or do you remember Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, that collided with Jupiter ?


Here's a system to find satellites visible over the next few days. Or if you want the overall picture, NASA have produced this Java 3D simulation of all satellite positions.

Manned spaceflight

NASA reports on the Apollo 1 fire and the Apollo 13 explosion.


Cambridgeshire, UK

It's the nearest town to where I live. Here's Keith Edkin's guide. At long last someone has started putting local bus timetables on the WWW.


"The Forum" has a number of duff links, but it's a good index of material about the Romans.

Neat tricks with the WWW

If you have a POP-3 mailbox somewhere, you can read it via HTTP.

Miscellaneous topics

Interested in words and their derivation ? Then read the Word Detective.


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