LMSR signalling

The LMSR was responsible for two unusual signalling schemes, both installed in 1932.

Mirfield signalling

To be written.

New Lines signalling

The New Lines signalling system was brought into use on the "New Lines" - the separate pair of tracks electrified on the four-rail system - from Euston to Watford, and on the slow lines between Bromley and Upminster (shared with London Underground trains) both in 1932-3. The former was replaced by conventional multiple-aspect signals in 1988 and the latter in 1960.

You can read a detailed description of the system, or the official rules. The latter is written from the viewpoint of the driver and fails to address some of the details, such as signals at facing junctions. It also contains at least one feature that was apparently never installed in practice (the calling-on signal with two red lights).

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