This page, up to the last dividing line, is a verbatim transcript of the rules included in my set.

The Rules of 'LOBO'

LOBO can be played by any number of players.

To decide the dealer, the pack is dealt round to the players and the person on the right of the player who first receives a Season Ticket deals.

The dealer then deals five cards to each player.

The remainder of the pack is placed face-downwards in the centre of the table and forms the "Stock," and the dealer turns up the top card and places it face upwards on one side of the "Stock." The player on the left of the dealer then takes either the top card from the "Stock" or the exposed card from the side of the "Stock" and then discards any one card and places it face upwards on the discard pile. Each player in his turn plays in a similar manner by first drawing and then discarding.


The object of the game is to go LOBO by making up a hand of two or more completed journeys, either exposed or unexposed.

A completed journey consists of a junction card together with two station cards. On the junction card are printed the names of stations which may be either the starting or finishing stations of journeys made through that particular junction.

(For example, on the Charing Cross junction card a completed journey would be: VICTORIA - CHARING CROSS - HIGHGATE.)

A player can go LOBO when the card he draws fills his hand, so that it contains nothing but completed journeys. No discard is necessary.

When a player completes one journey, he may:
(1) Place the journey face upwards on the table.
(2) Keep the journey unexposed in his hand.
(3) Take from the "Stock" three additional cards.
(If a player elects to take these three extra cards, he must do so after drawing but before discarding).

In the last alternative he can elect to expose the completed journey or to keep it in his hand. As soon as a player calls LOBO, the hand ceases.


Unexposed LOBO    For each completed journey 12 points.
For exposed LOBO For each completed journey 6 points.

Other players score 3 points for each exposed journey.


For each station other than junction left in hand  ...   ...  Minus 1 point.
For each junction left in hand  ...   ...   ...   ...   ...  " 2 points.
For each season ticket left in hand  ...   ...   ...   ...  " 6   "
For exposing or calling a journey incorrectly  ...   ...   ...  " 10   "


A season ticket may take the place of any station other than a junction. There are six season tickets in the pack.


The game has been found best suited to 40 points up, but any other number of points may be fixed by the consent of all the players.

Each player must take his card when it comes to his turn before declaring an exposed journey, and he must expose the journey before discarding.

If no player has called LOBO when the "Stock" is exhausted, the "Stock" is re-shuffled and the top card turned up and play continues.


(1) At the start of the game keep your junctions until you know by the discards that they are useless, or unless you have more than two in your hand.

(2) Watch the discards. There is only one card representing each station.

(3) Keep all seasons. Remember they may be used for any station other than a junction.

(4) Do not expose a journey for the first round or two. When you think there is a danger that someone else may go LOBO then is the time to expose. Remember that, if LOBO is called, and you hold a complete journey in your hand unexposed, it counts against and not for you.

(5) Do not elect to take the three extra cards on completing a journey except early in the game, and then only when you hold one or two seasons or two other junctions.

Printed by THOMAS DE LA RUE & CO., LTD., 110, Bunhill Row, E.C.1.

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