The station we see here is not the the present one of that name, but rather what is now called Archway.

Highgate station was one of the two original northern termini of the Charing Cross, Euston, and Hampstead Railway - the other being Golders Green. Unlike the western branch, which was extended over the years to Edgware, Highgate remained the terminus for over 30 years.

But by the late 1930s plans were afoot to extend the line (now called the Northern) to the surface at East Finchley and take over various branch lines from there. While the works were cut back as a result of World War II, they are the explanation for the extension to High Barnet and Mill Hill East.

Since the first station on the extension would lie underneath the LNER's own station at Highgate and would share its name, the original station was renamed Archway (Highgate) on 11th June 1939.

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