Addison Road

This station was actually called Kensington Addison Road at the time (though the first word was omitted on some maps of the time); it is now known as Kensington (Olympia), having been renamed on 19th December 1946.

During the 1930s this station was the southern terminus of what remained of the former "Middle Circle" service. Started in 1872, in its heyday this service ran from Aldgate around to Baker Street, Paddington, and Ladbroke Grove before turning south to Addison Road and then east to Mansion House. But by 1910 it had been cut back to form a shuttle from Edgware Road to Kensington, and was eventually withdrawn in October 1940.

Addison Road was also a stop on the "Outer Circle", which in the late 19th century ran from Broad Street to Mansion House via Willesden, but in 1912 was reduced to run from the latter to Earl's Court. It was also withdrawn in 1940.

The present District Line service was introduced with the new name in 1946.

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