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Many of these books have been used - directly or indirectly - as sources for these Guides. This list does not distinguish these books from the others listed.

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In these descriptions, codes like H123m are interpreted using the following notation:
H hardback
P paperback
123 the number of pages
m monochrome pictures within the text
c colour pictures within the text
p monochrome plates inserted between some pages
k colour plates inserted between some pages

General guides

Picture of cover London's Underground, by John Glover,
11th ed., 2010, Ian Allan, H160@, ISBN 978-0-7110-3429-7.

General histories

Picture of cover A History of London Transport, by T.C. Barker and Michael Robbins,
Vol 1: The Nineteenth Century
1963, George Allen & Unwin, H412p, pre-ISBN but retroactively assigned ISBN 0-04-385002-2;
republished 1976, HarperCollins, P414p, ISBN 0-04-385066-9;
republished 2006, Routledge, H412p, ISBN 0-415-41820-8.
Vol 2: The Twentieth Century to 1970
1974, George Allen & Unwin, H554p, ISBN 0-04-385063-4;
republished 1976, George Allen & Unwin, P550p, ISBN 0-04-385077-9.
Includes all forms of transport in London, but in detail only up to 1947; 1948-1970 is covered in a summary chapter. Despite the titles, the boundary between the volumes lies in the 1890s.
Picture of cover London's Local Railways, by Alan A. Jackson,
1999, Capital Transport, H@m, ISBN 1-85414-209-7.
Picture of cover Subterranean City: Beneath the Streets of London, by Anthony Clayton,
2000, Historical Publications Ltd., H192c, ISBN 0-948667-69-9 .
Picture of cover Underground to Everywhere, by Stephen Halliday,
2001, Sutton Publishing, H248mk, ISBN 0-7509-2585-X.
Picture of cover Underground: How the Tube Shaped London, by David Bownes, Oliver Green, & Sam Mullins,
2012, Allen Lane, H286c, ISBN 978-1-846-14462-2.

Histories of specific lines or companies

Bakerloo Line

Picture of cover The Bakerloo Line, by Mike Horne,
2001, Capital Transport, P80mc, ISBN 1-85414-248-8.

Central Line

Picture of cover The Twopenny Tube, by J. Graeme Bruce and Desmond F. Croome,
1996, Capital Transport, P80mc, ISBN 1-85414-186-4.

Circle, Hammersmith & City, and Metropolitan Lines

Picture of cover The Circle Line, by Desmond F. Croome,
2003, Capital Transport, P80mc, ISBN 1-85414-267-4.
Includes the Hammersmith & City Line.
Picture of cover The Metropolitan Line, by Mike Horne,
2003, Capital Transport, P96mc, ISBN 1-85414-275-5.

Croydon Tramlink

District Line

Docklands Light Railway

East London Line

Jubilee Line

Picture of cover The Jubilee Line, by Mike A.C. Horne,
2000, Capital Transport, P80mc, ISBN 1-85414-220-8.

Northern Line

Picture of cover The Northern Line, by Mike Horne and Bob Bayman,
1999, Capital Transport, P80mc, ISBN 1-85414-208-9.
Picture of cover By Tube Beyond Edgware, by Tony Beard,
2002, Capital Transport, H136mc, ISBN 1-85414-246-1.

Piccadilly Line

Picture of cover The Piccadilly Line, by Desmond Croome,
1998, Capital Transport, P80mc, ISBN 1-85414-192-9.

Victoria Line

Picture of cover The Victoria Line, by Mike Horne,
2004, Capital Transport, P80mc, ISBN 1-85414-281-X.

Maps and Atlases

Picture of cover Railway Track Diagrams, volume 5 (Southern and TfL), by Quail,
3rd ed., 2008, TRACKmaps, P64, ISBN 0-954986-64-4.
Picture of cover The London Underground, a Diagrammatic History, by Douglas Rose,
8th ed., Douglas Rose, fold-out colour diagram, ISBN 1-85414-315-8.
Picture of cover Railway Clearing House Atlas of London 1935,
2001, Ian Allan, H60 including 45 coloured diagrams, ISBN 0-7110-2789-7.


Picture of cover London's Disused Underground Stations, by J.E. Connor,
1st ed., 1999, Connor & Butler, P68m, ISBN 0-947699-29-5;
2nd ed., 2001, Capital Transport, H128m, ISBN 1-85414-250-X.
The two editions are very different and so both are listed.

Specialized histories

Picture of cover No Need to Ask!, by David Leboff and Tim Demuth,
1999, Capital Transport, H80c, ISBN 1-85414-215-1.
Underground maps up to 1933.
Picture of cover Mr Beck's Underground Map, by Ken Garland,
1994, Capital Transport, H80c, ISBN 1-85414-168-6.
Diagrammatic maps of the Underground by Harry Beck (used from 1933 to 1959).
Picture of cover Underground Maps After Beck, by Maxwell Roberts,
2005, Capital Transport, H112c, ISBN 1-85414-286-0.
Diagrammatic maps of the Underground from 1961 onwards.

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