OPOdump is a C program for disassembling the contents of translated OPL files (OPO and OPA files). Given a translated file, OPOdump produces a listing of the binary code and its meaning. Since OPO format is stack based, it also shows the state of the stack. Further information can be found in the relevant Psionics File.

This software is released for use without charge. It may contain errors, and I would be interested in knowing of any problems that you come across. You may modify it for your own use, and may publish modified versions provided that you make it clear what you have changed and that you do not charge for them.

To use OPOdump, fetch the source code and compile it using an ISO C compiler. Then run it giving the name of the OPO or OPA file as the only argument. On systems where text and binary files are equivalent (like Unix but not MS-DOS or MS-Windows) the OPO file may also be provided as standard input.

For users of Microsoft systems, here is an executable. It was built under Windows 95 but should be run from a DOS box. It may run in other situations, but I have no expertise in this matter; reports would be useful.

To see an example of the output, I have provided the source, translated OPO, and dump of a binary file viewing program I wrote some time ago (if you have frames you can see them together). This program is also released on the above terms.

You are reminded that it is unethical, and may be an offence, to use this software to breach the copyright of software authors.

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