France Télécom tariffs

The France Télécom tariff appears to be based on four calling periods and 6 distances. Calls are charged in units, costing FRF 0.742 each. The time for each unit is as follows:

Name Local< 25 km< 30 km < 52 km< 100 km>= 100 km Period applicable
Tarif rouge 18012072452426 0800-1230 M-Sa, 1330-1800 M-F
Tarif blanc 270170102643437 1230-1330 M-Sa, 1800-2130 M-F
Tarif bleu 360240144904852 all other times
Tarif bleu nuit 5403402041286874 2230-0600
Public holidays are charged as for Sundays

Details taken from

Charge zones

The distance for a call depends on the charge zones that the two phones are in. There are 424 charge zones. In turn, the charge zone is determined from the first 5 digits of the 9 figure number (the first 4 digits and the zone of the old 8 figure number). There are 6706 valid 5 figure prefixes.

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