France numbering changes

France is renumbering its entire telephone system on 1996-10-18. The present system of 8 figure numbers is being replaced by a new one with 9 figure numbers. Within France, all calls will be dialled as 0-number. From other countries, calls will be dialled as +33-number.

Paris (zone 1)

Landline numbers are prefixed with 1. Mobile and pager numbers (those that begin with 4165, 4994, 4997, 51, 54, or 57) are prefixed with 6.

Provincial (unnumbered zone)

Landline numbers are changed by prefixing the digit given in the following table.

X0X1X2X3X4 X5X6X7X8X9
2X 33333 33333
3X 222 2 222
4X 22423 55225
5X 42 22 55555
6X 555 54444
7X 44444 44444
8X 33333 33333
9X 44444 42222

Mobile numbers change in a variety of ways.


Numbers in the various DOMs and CTs have their country code added to the 6 figure number and become ordinary 9 figure French numbers. This applies to:

DOM or CTCode
Guadeloupe DOM590
Guyane DOM594
Martinique DOM596
Réunion DOM262
St Pierre et Miquelon CT508
Mayotte CT269

It is not yet clear whether these are dialled internationally as +33-number or +-number.

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