Clive's old links

This is an amalgamation of three old link pages that I had, and that I still haven't merged into my proper link pages.

First there was ...

Links to interesting places

These are some of the places I have discovered, and decided it is worth keeping a link to.

Oh, in case you aren't me and have got hold of this page, I am Clive Feather. I do have a real home page, but for the moment you are better looking at a page about me maintained by Jutta Degener as part of her C programming pages.

General information sources

Specialised information sources



Miscellaneous topics


Unclassified links

This includes links I haven't classified yet, some old links that may be dead, and probably some duplicates of links above. This section will disappear.

And then there was ...

Clive's unclassified links page

This is my page of unclassified links - all the places that look interesting but haven't been merged into another page.

And finally ...

Clive D.W. Feather's Bookmarks (set 1)

The Internet Wiretap (
UK Bill of Rights
London Evening Standard
Search the ITU World Wide Web Server
Clive's Home Page
Tom Lehrer Lyrics Archive
Neo-Tech/Zonpower Home Page
Alternate ITU gopher access
ITU web page
Psion Archive
Time Out
PSION Programming Reference
New York Subway Map
ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 - Programming Language C
Blue Stocking Home Page
UK Naming Committee List - By Provider
GIF image 350x350 pixels
Unix Haters Handbook
Single Image Random Dot Stereograms (SIRDS) Pages
The Jargon File
Kevin Cowtan's Picture Book of Fourier Transforms
Flags of the World
Penthouse Internet
Networks Customer Maintenance
Legal Prostitution in Nevada
La Paranoia Home Page
USPS Address Quality & ZIP Code Lookup
Interactive Model Railroad
IP-Watcher Risks
DejaNews Research Service - query form
Bridge on the Web
The PSION Series 3 User Group
Pointer to Oftel Code Lists