Clive's spam deleter

This page allows Demon Internet customers to delete spam addressed to a specific user name. So if, for example, your account is and you are getting lots of spam to, this page allows you to delete it in one go.

WARNING: this script will delete the mail. It cannot be recovered. Don't make mistakes when using it.

DISCLAIMER: this script is provided by Clive for the convenience of Demon's customers. I take no responsibility for what happens. Thus plc takes even less responsibility. If you don't trust my programming skills, don't use this page.

PASSWORD: this page needs your POP3 password in order to work. That means you have to give me that password. You'll have to trust me with it. Bwaaa-haaaa.

Your Demon Internet host name (e.g. sample)
The user name for which you want the mail deleted (e.g. fred)
Your POP3 password (not your dialup password)

Note: the deletion process may take a little time.

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